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Live Wellness Center

To all of our Blue Laser Design friends,

Thank you all so much for your hard work on our website. The design accurately captures the look we were going for, and then some!

We had a successful launch that was seamless thanks to your efforts.

Caitlin, Thank you for investing your time into the early stages of our project. I appreciate the level of ownership you took with our project, as well as the advice you offered for helping our business grow.

Traci, Thanks so much for working with us on the copy and collaborating with everyone to help us come up with great content for the website. Because of you all, we now have a better understanding the value of content on our website!

Eric, I appreciate your attention to detail and follow-up as we put the site together. You were able to keep us on task and working as a team.

Adam, Thank you so much for the design. I think its even better than we anticipated. Thanks also for taking time to address concerns, even when you were not in the office. Your efforts helped make our web launch a huge success!

To the SEO team and anyone else I’m missing, thank you thank you thank you!

Morris C.

I recently inquired about Blue Laser Design after performing a quick Google search of web developers in Columbus. I sought out the company to aid me in improving and completing my website which already had a solid foundation. My past experiences with full service web development companies had been unsuccessful, unnecessarily costly, and left me with an incomplete product.

Prior to committing my project to Blue Laser I expressed my many concerns about budget, efficiency, and how I wanted to utilize their company. Blue Laser was not only responsive to my concerns but has added tremendous
value to my project thus far. The Discovery Phase of my experience enabled me to access the expertise of designers and developers to help bring my vision to life. My project with Blue Laser is still early on in its development, but I have been extremely pleased with the deliverables so far.

Their efforts not only demonstrated a deep understanding of my vision, but showed a conscious effort on their behalf to add value to it. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who wants a quality experience
and product.

Quadrant Insurance Managers

Thank you so much for all of your help in getting us this far in the website design process. You have made the process much easier and we have enjoyed working with you. We look forward to working with the rest of the team and are hopeful that they can live up to the standard you have set!

Transit Tech

“Finally, please let the people at your company know both Paul and I are very glad we selected your group to do this project for us and have been impressed with your teams efforts thus far.“

Sharron P.

We just launched our website that BLD created. I could not be more pleased with the results.  I would recommend BLD to anyone who wants a customized site that is affordable!

Rob F.

Hi Will! I’m loving the website! The changes and enhancements are amazing! They are a BIG time saver for me. The speed and stability of accessing the CP in PDSHOP has been great all week.

Inn-Town Homes

Hi Will,
I just wanted to send a quick note to update you that everything is going very smoothly regarding our project. We are close to launching the three smaller sites, and will soon be beta-testing the large site. We are excited to see the progress (everything looks fantastic and is working really well!) and I want you to know how much I appreciate everything your group has done to prioritize our work.

Matthew B.

I wanted to say how happy I am with our website.
The site has exceeded all of my expectations.The layout, design,text, graphics and responsiveness are awesome.

Ben, Adam and Caitlin went above and beyond all standards to produce excellence in action.

Thank you all!


Hey team, we are getting a ton of traffic to our website but it is far too overwhelming. We are having a series of meetings this week to restructure our process and it will take us a few days to catch up on the inquiries. For now can you please take the website offline? We don’t even have enough supply to take care of the demand! We will call you later this week to turn it back on. Good Job!

Janelle W.

Yes, phone has been busier and we were overbooked for spring break. I’m sure for many factors, economy, long winter and new website but we are happy. And, yes, training calls have been up. We have had two people this week book online through Genbook so all is great! I think that’s great news that people are staying on the site longer and longer on the training—it’s what we were hoping would happen!! Thanks so much!!

Tom S.

Thanks for your recent email. Yes, I did receive new business from the internet and website. A chiropractor called me who is looking for a PI attorney to refer PI cases to. I also was retained by a small business owner who needs to open up a new LLC.

Yes, we have made some progress.

Please reopen the Google ads that you are utilizing. Thanks again for all your help. I appreciate it.

Lynn V.

I gets loads of compliments on my/our website! Thanks so much! Business is great and sales should be UP again for the year…would love to buy another location but don’t have the money, time or energy right now.

Jeremy W.

Very interesting. Business stabilized for August. Calls seemed to have gone up. We’ll see how September turns out.

Mary G.

I recently contacted Blue Laser Design after reading about your company online and the awards it has received. Not understanding anything about web design, I must rely on others who are educated in the industry. After a bad experience I now understand that some web designers are skilled professionals while others are not though they call themselves web designers.

They contacted me. We talked on the phone and via email. They listened to the problems I was having on my site that had been a work in progress since last July. I told them that I had been informed my site was not fixable and I would have to start all over again. They said that the things I wanted to change were simple to fix and that she could make the changes. They also listened to other small details of cosmetic things I would like to change.

I was at home on the day they were working on my site. Over the course of several hours I saw my site change to exactly what I told them I wanted. They did a great job and in a timely manner.  I cannot tell you how happy I am with her professionalism and technical skill.

A sincere thank you,

Bobby R.

Very impressed with your response time and detail. You show great customer support and care. I recommend you and your company to every person that has a question about website design etc. and it will continue. I guess if i knew anything about websites i wouldn’t have had any questions but you responded almost instantly with the solution & my user name and password, which i did not know, you took that upon yourself and I thank you. There is nothing more satisfying than great customer service!

Thanks again.


I just wanted to let you know that the website you designed for me has gotten nothing but 
positive feedback — and not just positive but very high praise.

Overwhelmingly, people call it “gorgeous.” And, I, of course, am thrilled with it. So — I’m sending my continued thanks along with friends’ compliments!

Erica T.

People are inquiring about our services way too fast. We’ve already processed 4 orders this morning from just the website.  Awesome work! I think we will be contacting you soon about a shopping cart. I am putting prices up this weekend. 

Carrie E.

I am so pleased with what Blue Laser has done. Please feel free to use me as a reference for new business.

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