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Website Updates and Maintenance

Looking for an experienced, efficient and professional agency in Columbus, Ohio or virtual to update or maintain your website and security?

Updating your website on your own can be scary. One small edit could break something or cause a massive error, shutting down (or possibly ruining) your site! Digging into the backend or code of your website is like playing a game of Russian Roulette; you might complete your update successfully. Or you might break something and incur a major expense—a much larger expense than if you had an expert make the update in the first place. The best solution is to have the trained professionals at BLUE Laser Design manage your website updates and maintenance. For more information about our website updates and maintenance services, please contact us today!

Options to managing your maintenance and updates

As-needed: It’s not required to sign a contract with us for website updates and maintenance! Simply email your request and we will reply with either a fixed fee for the work, or a phone call for clarification. This work will be completed in a timely manner and you will receive an invoice upon completion.

Website Maintenance Agreement: If you prefer to be proactive, you can sign up for a Website Maintenance Agreement (WMA) where you pay monthly to maintain an account with us. All of our WMA clients receive priority treatment. We regularly update your security settings and perform preventive maintenance, as well as handle your periodic requests. Unused time rolls over into the next month.

Our team is skilled in working with all aspects of your website. Here are some examples of the maintenance and updates we provide.

Website Maintenance and Updates Services

Text edits: Want to spruce up your website content? Send it to us and we’ll make sure it’s done correctly. Text edits include changing an address, adding a phone number and much more. We’ll also include the proper coding for SEO.

New pages: If you hire a new employee or offer a new type of service, you’ll want to have a dedicated page. Our updates team can create that page and make sure it’s linked to your main navigation, working properly and indexed by Google.

New functionality: Need to change how your site functions? We can make this fix for you. For example, if you’d like to add a contact form to your site, we can make it happen.

MailChimp emails and templates: Email marketing can be a great way to reach your existing customers. But the key is making sure the email and format is structured correctly and in an appealing way. We can handle your MailChimp needs.

Training refresher: Forgot how to make that one small change on your website? We’ll retrain you and make sure you don’t break your website.

General problems: These could range from a form not working, an image not showing up or broken navigation. If something is broken, we can fix it.

Backups: What would happen if your website got hacked? How quickly could you get it back up? The answer is very quickly if you let us handle your website backups.

Updating plugins: If you’re using WordPress, it is crucial every plugin is updated to its most recent version. WordPress is a great platform to build a website on, but because it is so popular, it is a common hacking target. The second a plugin is out of date, there’s a security risk for your website. Avoid the hassle of checking your plugins and let us do it instead.

Why Do I Need Website Updates and Maintenance?

Website updates and maintenance are required to avoid breaks and hacks. If your website isn’t regularly updated and maintained, it can fall victim to hackers, or break on its own. Can you withstand a broken website? If not, you’ll need to protect it with updates and maintenance.

Keeping your website safe isn’t as easy as pressing one magic button that updates all features at once. Updates have to be done in the correct way to avoid breaking the site. It’s best to leave this to a trained professional.

If something changes about your business, such as hiring a new employee, you’ll need to update the website to reflect the change. This seemingly-easy task can be much more complicated if you’re not fully confident you know what you’re doing.

Can’t I Do My Own Website Updates and Maintenance?

Like any of our services, you can do your own website updates and maintenance. However, it is risky. If you miss a security update, your site could be ruined by hackers in a matter of hours. If you update the content incorrectly, you could ruin the appearance of the site. If you fail to update a plugin, functionality might be lost.

In other words, there is a lot to be done with updates and maintenance. If you aren’t completely comfortable diving into these things, it’s best to let the trained professionals at Blue Laser Design successfully and harmlessly work on your website.

We’ve seen many clients try to do these tasks on their own. They often wind up with a broken site and a larger repair bill than the cost of having our team make the changes in the first place.

Keep your website safe and up-to-date with us. For more information about BLUE Laser Design’s website updates and maintenance services for our Columbus, Ohio clients and national, please contact us today.

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