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Blue Laser Design is a leading full service web design, digital agency, advertising, branding and social media marketing firm which specializes in interactive media, responsive website design, marketing and advertising. Offering a wide range of services for every budget, our clients include everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, businesses who want to make their online sales initiatives as productive as possible. The agency at Blue Laser Design helps our clients define their target audience and consumer buying motivators. Then we craft a unique selling message for our clients’ websites, while providing analytics for tracking both current and future success.

No matter what city, state, or even country your business calls home, we’ve incorporated a state-of-the-art virtual system of interaction that allows us to communicate with you as if we were in the same room. We have clients in over 1,000 cities across the globe, and by utilizing today’s advanced technology in communications, we’re able to work seamlessly on any project to personally provide our full range of services.

At Blue Laser Design, you can expect a straightforward approach to your project and budget. All of our projects are researched and proposed individually based on your needs. So whatever the assignment, from advertising, research, branding, SEO, responsive website design to ongoing marketing, maintenance and support, and whether they’re in Central Columbus, Ohio or half way around the world, we’re always able to successfully meet and fulfill our client’s expectations.

Ideas are our tools, and interaction is our medium.

We are an award winning creative agency that gets brands and people to connect. Our designs and campaigns don’t just talk, they listen, understand, and emote. We admire both those who create the box and think outside it.

People over profit, innovation over idleness, fun over flat; we want the ideas we build to inspire. In the end, we just love designing interaction, and we want that interaction to have meaning.

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From first impression to long term engagement, we create emotional connections.

Worldwide Interaction

No matter which city, state, or country your business calls home, we’ve incorporated a state-of-the-art virtual system of interaction that allows us to communicate as if we were in the same room.

By utilizing today’s advanced technology, we are able to connect with people in over 1,000 cities across the globe and collaborate seamlessly on any project.

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