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A Word from Our President

From a Sergeant in the U.S. Army on an M1A1 Main Battle Tank to a Certified Internet Webmaster Instructor, my history contains a mixture of listening, learning and leading.

In the past, I’ve had my share of subpar supervisors and I’ve seen my colleagues treated without care or gratitude. I started BLUE Laser Design not only to please my third-generation entrepreneurial DNA but also to create an environment where both clients and employees feel valued.

BLUE Laser Design’s livelihood depends on the success of our clients and the growth of our employees. We are a team of like-minded, creative individuals who unite with ambition and determination to create meaningful interactions between you and your customers.

Since 2000, BLUE Laser Design has been making interaction meaningful. Connect with us and see what’s possible.

Will G, CEO, President

Living in central Ohio most of my life, I graduated from OSU with a degree in Industrial Engineering. I also proudly served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm. The combination of over two decades of operations experience across a wide variety of businesses, along with leadership skills emanated from the Navy, the next obvious step was business ownership. After several years working with Will G, I concluded that a full-time partnership in Blue Laser Design was the right fit.

“Almost anybody can build a website. What separates Blue Laser Design is our ability to create a website that works for your business. Our websites are not just a cost of doing business but an investment in your business. The combined knowledge, experience and creativity of our team enables our customers to understand and harness the power of technology. At Blue Laser Design our processes are designed to deliver value through education, transparency, and expertise.”

Brad N, COO, CFO


Our mission is to provide our clients with the knowledge and strategy needed to develop unique and effective interaction. We strive to educate our clients about the evolving world of marketing and technology. As an extension of your team we plan, implement and strengthen your company’s communication.

Our clients’ customers should enjoy and be inspired to act through engagement with the company’s brand. We strive to make the evolving world of marketing and technology less of a burden on business owners. As your technology partner, we will work hand in hand to start, maintain and plan the way your company communicates. We want to get brands and people talking beautifully and efficiently.


BLUE Laser Design aspires to be the most sought after web development and marketing company by providing innovative solutions that address our clients’ needs, developing profitable marketing strategies, guiding clients through the complexity of technology, and building long-term relationships.

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